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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 3, 2017 7:00am-8:01am PST

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take a live look outside -- downtown sj from communications hill good morning. it is 7::00 this sunday, december 3rd. we want to give you a live look outside, that is downtown san jose. 49 degrees out there. just a little bit of gray in the sky. thank you so much for waking up with us this sunday. i'm vicky nguyen alongside, meteorologist, rob mayeda for vianey arana this morning. are we seeing a lot of separation across the area? >> the temperatures, 30s to wake up to. the skies cleared out after brief, overnight rain. 49 in san jose, 52 in san francisco. there's san rafael where it's 41 degrees. san francisco, clear skies, 49 in san jose. as we go up to squaw creek, look at that, 29 degrees.
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still snowing in the sierra. the showers moved out of the bay area. the story is clearing skies and breezy. cool. highs in the upper 50s. the sunny skies, as we track the tide making a return. we are watching that, plus wind advisories tonight as the wind speeds pick up. a full look at the changes over the next seven days. > >> cold and windy? >> at times. >> thank you very much. see you in a bit. first responders respond to a crash on i-80 to rescue two men. a white, dodge charger lost control and crashed into a light pole in san leandro. it happened before 3:00 a.m. rescue crews say the damage was so bad, they had to cut into the car to get to the men inside. one died at the scene. the chp officer we spoke with
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said there was a high impact crash. >> the vehicle was on fire when we arrived. the engine come partment, the engine itself was separated. >> the other man was take ton a local hospital. the extent of his injuries are unknown at this time. we have details on the story we brought as breaking news. we are learning about a driver who crashed into a toll booth on the bay bridge, killing the person inside. 32-year-old daniel burke is expected to face dui and manslaughter charges after his release from the hospital. this is video of the truck taken seconds before he crashed. you can see him there, careening across several lanes. 46-year-old stasy hahn is the toll worker who died at the scene. she has been with cal tran for ten years and leaves behind a husband and 10-year-old daughter. they lowered the flags to half staff. anne and i are deeply saddened
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to learn of the loss of si si han who died serving the public. according to burke's social media pages, he worked on several stage and live event productions in the bay area and a member of local stage workers union. we have been following that story on all social media. that's the video of the aftermath. we posted that on twitter. follow us on twitter. this weekend marks the one year anniversary of the fire of the ghost ship warehouse in oakland. nobody could have predicted how deadly it would become and how it would change lives, forever. thom jensen was there and file third-degree report on the emotional day. >> reporter: so many different
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images, art work and expressions of love and loss for the 36 people tragically killed in the ghost ship fire. >> i didn't anticipate how hard it would be today. >> i have had panic attacks as the day went on. >> reporter: her 35-year-old nephew was at the warehouse the night of the fire. he wasn't a ghost ship tenant, but like so many artists and friends, he could not afford oakland's high rent. >> anything we can do to keep the housing affordable for artists, for anybody in this community would be helpful. >> reporter: the city of oakland is working to honor the living legacy. >> how you honor the dead is what you do for the lives of the living. >> reporter: they are working on a system to share on improvements that need to be made to living spaces. the city hired more inspectors
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and closed the fire department to speed up permitting and ensure safeguards. rebecca says the goal is to work with property owners to make improvements and not force them to raise rent and shutter buildings. >> it's important to reinforce our commitment to making the changes that are needed to allow for state legalization of alternative housing. >> reporter: thom jensen, nbc bay area news. more details now. two of the 36 people were found wrapped in each other's arms. their story became a symbol of love and grief in the wake of the fire. they were a vibrant, dedicated couple. her friends opened up about their grief as they visited the warehouse for the first time. >> some days are easier than others, but every day, every day is tough to think about her not being here. her not being able to text her
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when i'm going through something. >> it's tough. you have to keep going, you know? we miss her every day. everyone misses her every day. it's sad. >> she was just 20 years old. alex was 22. a man has died in san jose after he was shot multiple times yesterday morning. it happened at 4:00 a.m. near roosevelt park. police shut down eastbound santa clara street during the investigation. they have not released information about a suspect or arrested anyone. this marks the 25th homicide of the year in san jose. new details now after 300 feet of shoreline collapsed destroying a pier. we get our first look at the damage in the daylight. we flew over it.
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it happened during construction for a development project. he said crews have been cleaning up and recovering the items that went into the water, including shipping containers. it happened friday. four shipping containers filled with building materials went into the water. a developer tells us no hazardous materials spilled into the bay. much more ahead on "today in the bay." coming up, the tax reform bill moves forward. how it will impact you and where it goes from here before it makes it to the president's desk. many people have their eye on the sky as the moon takes center stage tonight. with we'll tell you what will be different about this year's supermoon. you could save energy by weaving your own shoes...
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out of flax. or simply adjust your thermostat. do your thing, with energy upgrade california.
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francisco time is 7:09. live look outside. that is the tans america pyramid in san francisco. itis looking beautiful. as rob said, breezy and cool. blowing away the fog and giving
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postcard views there. the senate passed the most sweeping changes in the tax laws in 30 years. it's not a done deal, yet. the final version needs to be approved by both houses of congress before it goes to the president's desk. it is leading to concern across the country. it reduces corporate and individual taxes by $1.5 trillion over the next decade. terry mcsweeney has the details. >> so, last night, about 3:00 in the morning, i got a call. >> reporter: president trump, today, describing the moment overnight he found out his first big legislative win was locked in. >> for years, not since ronald reagan has anything come close. they couldn't pass it. they couldn't get the votes. >> reporter: the republicans got the votes to pass the tax plan to cut individual taxes and the corporate rate and do away with popular tax breaks adding a new one for child care. a nonpartisan analysisest maits
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it will add $1 trillion as the deficit. built as a middle class cut, there's no guarantee all americans will see their taxes go down. it's the biggest, approved in minutes. >> the tax cuts and jobs act, as amended is passed. >> reporter: hours after they got their first look at the bill, it left democrats furious with a process that is rushed and opaque. >> this is the tax bill. see how thick it is. take a look at this, folks. this is your government at work. >> reporter: in 2009 republicans had the same thing for democrats on the affordable care act. >> a massive piece of legislation is being written behind closed doors. >> the argument this is not an open process is ridiculous. changes were made, fwu core of the bill everyone was made familiar with. >> reporter: it's not a done
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deal. they have to square it with the house version. a prominent leader in the nonprofit community is blasting republicans for the passage of the tax bill. the president and ceo of the national council of nonprofit says the plan will reduce charitable giving by $20 billion every year and put 264,000 nonprofit employees out of work. the tax plan would boost the need for nonprofit services at the same time nonprofit budgets are forced to shrink. still ahead on "today in the bay," it may not be the polar express, but cal train is getting into the holiday spirit where this train is taking passengers. the radar is starting to dry. speaking of the polar express, squaw creek, snow flying there as our attention turns here to gusty winds for the end of the weekend. the latest changes in the forecast when we come back. san mateo bridge
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santa clara valleyed
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take a live look outside. that's the san mateo bridge, the longest in the bay area. traffic is moving fine this sunday morning. a medical center is celebrating a big achievement this weekend. the public was invited to a ribbon cutting ceremony for the new pavilion. it is the new home of the nationally recognized spinal cord and traumatic brain injury rehabilitation center. the building includes a robotic pharmacy system and therapeutic pool. the name is from the man who donated $5 million to the project. a holiday train runs tonight. it's been going on since 2001. tonight, it will run from san francisco through mill bray, san
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mateo and menlo park to sunniville. families are invited to check out the train and help collection toys for the toys for tots program and salvation army. a supermoon weekends. the moon was almost full last night and will be tonight. this is the closest it gets to the ark. this year's supermoon is a super frost moon. the last full moon of the year is known as a frost moon or cold moon. nasa says it will look 14% larger in diameter than usual and 30% brighter. we are going get a check of the forecast with rob mayeda in for vianey arana this weekend. on my drive in, predawn, the moon was gigantic, beautiful. i can't believe it's going to be bigger. >> it's going to be chilly outside. the skies are going to be clear. we are seeing clearing skies around the bay area from san jose where we had light rain overnight. the roadway is starting to dry
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out. christmas in the mark, 49 degrees. 42 in dublin. up toward san rafael, chilly, 41 degrees. winds picking up tonight into san francisco. you can see the clear skies straight across the golden gate bridge. 50 in san francisco. we are going to see highs in redding in the low 50s to actually upper 50s to low 60s for the bay area today. mostly sunny skies, a cool breeze out of the north that will turn locally gusty in the east bay hills into monday. radar is starting to dry out. skies clear in the sierra. a different story. that's where the moisture is right now. we have 25 degrees on the south shore of lake tahoe. 4-8 inches of snow possible for this morning. notice how the snow showers begin to taper off for the afternoon.
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chain controls likely relaxing for the mid afternoon today. the bay area, the clearing skies. not much to show on the future cast other than clearing conditions. out on the coast, thanks to the supermoon, the high tide setting up over the next three mornings. coastal flooding possible in some of those high tide areas, prone to seeing flooding. ocean beach, we have one coming up after 9:30 at 7.03 feet. it peaks on monday after 10:19 in the morning and one more there on tuesday. wind advisories starting tonight as the wind speeds pick up. 10:00 tonight through tuesday could get gusts of 45 miles per hour. really, wind becomes a focus. no rain in the forecast. wind speeds today 10-20 miles per hour. watch what happens monday morning around this time tomorrow. wind speeds approaching 30 miles per hour. likely seeing higher gusts in the north bay hills heading into
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monday evening. the wind advisories through tuesday morning. the culprit here, the high pressure strengthening, gusty, offshore breezes. look what it's doing to incoming storms. away from the entire west coast. the next 7-10 days, this time of year, unusually dry. the snow we are seeing now in the sierra might be it for a while. the seven day forecast, san francisco, windy at times to start the week. less wind. chilly mornings. the air will be quite dry. it means we could see widespread 30s in the valley especially for wednesday morning. thursday, daytime highs climb warmer. above average temperatures. chilly nights ahead. no sign of rain in the seven day or ten-day forecast. >> thanks so much. still ahead on "today in the bay." learning your heritage from the holiday. we took three of the most popular dna kits to the test before you buy them this holiday season.
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we're alaska airlines. and we don't just fly lumberjacks to glaciers. we fly app developers to mexico city. novelists to nashville. and pilates instructors to palm springs. sure, we love a good glacier. but we also like a little cocoa butter.
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sure, we love a good glacier.
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those dna tests that claim to tell you where you )re from are it is a hot holiday gift for the season. those dna tests that claim to tell you where you are from are more popular than ever. how accurate are they? nbc national investigative correspondent is putting three brands head-to-head to see. >> a simple test will tell you your ethnic origins. >> reporter: the claims are bold. >> learn about ancestries through 23 pairs of chrome zones. >> reporter: unlock your family history, trace your roots, all from a do-it-yourself kit that gets sent to your home. to see if they work, we are trying them out using identical triplets from california, caylee, kelsey and cori. they share the same exact dna. we are going to test your ancestry today. >> yeah. >> reporter: we are going to start with ancestry dna, 23 and many and my heritage dna.
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>> yeah. >> reporter: you are identical triplets. >> yeah. >> within each company they should be the same. >> should be. >> reporter: great. >> let's do it. >> reporter: first up, ancestry dna. with this one, you have to spit in it all the way up to the line, filled with spit. they follow the directions to a tee, filling their test tubes with saliva and pack up the samples. next up, 23 and me. >> more spitting. >> reporter: a kit you can buy from the farm si. on this one, you ever to fill up to the fill line. they spit and spit and seal this up, too. on to the last kit, my heritage dna. this wants them to swap the inside of their cheek. directions in 30-60 seconds. we have a timer going. first the left cheek, then the right. all these samples, ready to be
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shipped. i'm going to mail them away. >> bye, jeff. >> reporter: we planned that. weeks later, i head back to california with the results. are you ready? >> ready. >> reporter: since they are identical, they should be the same. starting off, ancestry, dna. you all have different last names. they had no way to know you were related. dna match extremely high. it gave the other two saying you are a match. it worked. want me to break it down further? >> yes. >> reporter: you are 93% european. skandinavian, great britain, siberian and 5% middle eastern. >> accurate. >> reporter: how will the results from 23 and me compare? 100% dna match. this test also saying they are
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skandinavian, british and middle eastern. >> okay. another good test. >> reporter: okay, two kits down, one more to go. will my heritage dna match up with the rest? another 100% dna match. i feel like i'm a game show host. >> you win again. >> reporter: you win. you are sisters. this one saying almost the same thing, skandinavian, english and north african. are you surprised at the accuracy of these? >> yes. >> very, very surprised. confidence in pursuing your heritage. >> reporter: the dna doesn't lie. >> sisters. >> okay. jeff rossen reporting there. if you are serious about your background, buy all the kits for under $100 each. it's not just for people. you can get it for your dog or cat, too, to find out their ancestry and what kind of breed they are. you are watching "today in the bay." coming up, facing the music. a famous conductor facing serious accusations as another sexual misconduct investigation
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emerges. plus -- >> they would be far ahead of the game if they just left the foundation. >> wildfire survives thought their clean up was free. will the government plan lead to delays and higher costs to the homeowner and you, the tax pay sner we investigate, next. my name is valerie decker and i'm a troubleman for pg&e. i am a first responder to emergencies 24 hours a day, everyday of the year. my children and my family are on my mind when i'm working all the time. my neighbors are here, my friends and family live here, so it's important for me to respond as quickly as possible and get the power back on. it's an amazing feeling turning those lights back on. be informed about outages in your area. sign up for outage alerts at
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together, we're building a better california.
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good sunday morning. december 3rd. the time is 7:28. we want to give you a live look outside looking toward santa clara. off in the distance, from a camera atop communications hill in san jose, currently, 49 degrees. good sunday morning to you. thank you for waking up with us, i'm vicky nguyen, alongside rob mayeda. he is in for vianey arana. rob says we are getting a break from the rain. >> yes. you can pack away the umbrellas but get out the winter coats. it's cooled off. 38 in santa rosa.
7:29 am
45 in morgan hill. wet roads to wake up to this morning. a few scattered showers overnight. that is in the rear-view mirror. highs, with the sunny skies are going to stay cool, upper 50s to low 60s. we are watching increasing north winds trending gusty heading into monday. snow still falling in the sierra and chain controls. we'll look at that in about 15 minutes. >> the resorts are loving it. thanks so much. another deadly morning on east bay road. first responders race to the scene of a crash on 80. officers say a white dodge charger driving southbound lost control and crashed into a light pole near the exit in san leandro. it happened before 3:00 a.m. the damage was so bad they had to do the job to cut into the car to get to the men inside.
7:30 am
one of the men died at the scene. chp officer we spoke with said this is a high impact crash. >> the vehicle was on fire when we arrived. major intrusion. the engine come partment is separated. >> the other man inside the car was taken to a local hospital. the extent of his injuries are not known at this time. we have new details to a story we brought you yesterday morning. we are learning about the driver who crashed into a toll booth on the toll bridge. daniel burke from foster city is expected to face dui and manslaughter charges after his release from the hospital. this is video of the truck taken seconds before the crash. you can see him there, careening across several lanes of traffic. 46-year-old si si han died at the scene. she's been with caltran ten years. she leaves behind a daughter and
7:31 am
10-year-old daughter. the governor ordered flags half staffed. anne and i are deeply saddened to learn of the loss of the toll collector. burke was driving a truck full of stage lighting and saund equipment. according to the social media pages, he worked on several stage and live event productions in the area and is a member of the local stage workers union. we have been following this story on all of our social media platforms. this is video of the aftermath. you can find out what's going on while you are on the go. follow us on twitter. the latest sexual misconduct allegations involve the long-time conductor of new york's metropolitan opera. they will open an investigation into james after an accuser said the famous conductor abused him as a teenager. it started three decades ago. the accuser says he encouraged
7:32 am
him to engage in sexual experimentation and the relationship lasted several years. he served as muse zic director of the met from 1976 until last year. it has been nearly two months since the north bay fires. survivors were told the government clean ups would be done at no charge. homeowners have to brace for another nightmare. our investigative unit learned what residents aren't paying for now could cost more money and time later. >> we had no idea. >> haven't seen anything like that done before. >> these two neighbors say their experience could serve as a cautionary tale. the valley fire -- they offered to remove the debris, but required all foundations removed, too, because of concerns of contamination and structural safety.
7:33 am
it's the same program offers to people who lost their homes in the north bay. >> at the time, we did not know that removing the foundation would have such an impact. >> reporter: he opted in and crews took out the foundation. his lot remains empty two years later. do you think you saved money by going with the removal program? >> no, it cost more. our foundation went from approximately $54,000-78,000. we have to replace the driveway. pretty much everything that is being done now is because of what was removed. >> reporter: he says he had to fight with his insurance company to pay for the additional costs, which delayed construction. meanwhile, across the street, armstrong moved into his newly rebuilt home. >> the biggest relief in a couple years now, to be back
7:34 am
here. >> reporter: he declined the government clean up and hired a contractor. he says it passed all safety inspections. you are confident in the testing to make sure it is structurally sound and the soil is safe? >> yeah, yeah. >> all foundations go is not necessarily the right solution. >> reporter: former commissioner tomlin ch helped arm sprostrong rebuild. they will risk paying more when they rebuild. >> it's going to cost you more. i tell people i want you to move into a house you feel safe in and that is going to last. >> reporter: this is a state environmental engineer. after the 2007 angora fire destroyed 256 homes in lake tahoe, he came up with the blueprint of clearing the toxic debris. it was used in lake county, now the north bay. >> why is it policy to remove
7:35 am
the foundation? >> it comes down to a lot of things. it comes down to the contaminants. it comes down to the damage the heat causes and comes down to the simple economics of it and trying to get all the debris off the ground in a safe, coordinated manner. >> reporter: they learned that coordination comes with a cost to taxpayers. the bill for the removal was $18,000. records show that's much lower than what the government paid to clean up homesites. goodman's bill was higher, $83,000. the insurance will pay $55,000 the rest billed to the government. the higher cost comes from paying prevailing wage and a premium for a speedy clean up of toxic materials and environmental testing. >> schools, day cares, running street sweepers, doing things for the community at the same time we are cleaning up the home.
7:36 am
>> reporter: if this was your house down in a fire, would you have the foundation removed? >> absolutely. i lost my child at home in the valley fire and my second child in the santa rosa fire. i signed off 3,000 foundations and removals. you are going to spend $300,000 to build a brand-new home. why look at the questionable concrete to put a brand-new house on it. >> two-thirds of the homeowners have opted into the government clean up. county officials are accepting applications on a case by case basis. lake county fire survivors say, make sure you get everything you are owed before you submit the clean up bill. if you have a tip for the unit, call us at 888-996-tips or visit our website, investigate. it is the height of the
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package theft season. martinez has a warning for potential thieves. this could be you. this picture was posted on facebook of a woman arrested after walking up to porches. she was taken into custody for identity theft. it is important this time of year to watch out for the neighbors and sign up for tracking and delivery alerts. flu season is here, earlier and more widespread than it was this time last year. it appears the risk might be greater this year, even if you have the flu vaccine. our medical correspondent, dr. john tor ez shows what this means for you. >> reporter: at the medical center in brooklyn, employees are arming themgss against the flu. >> the more that get the vaccine, the fewer people that get sick. >> reporter: across the country, 7,000 confirmed cases so far. that's double the number this
7:38 am
time last year. widespread in four states, massachusetts, georgia, louisiana and oklahoma. in california, gordon is trying to avoid a repeat of the miserable aches and pains. >> i was down three or four days. >> is that why you get the shot? >> i don't want to go through that again. >> reporter: if you are over 65, there are two vaccine choices to boost immune response. a month after older adults recovered from the flu, they are at an increased risk of having a heart attack or stroke. public health experts are warning this year's virus could be a formidable foe. there are signs the vaccine against the mainstream is 10% effective. that doesn't mean you shouldn't get vaccinated. >> there is a downside to getting vaccinated. if anything, that's the only way to protect yourself because of the holidays, the congregation of people and family get togethers and things like that. that's how it gets spread.
7:39 am
>> just last month, santa clara county reported the first flu death of the season. the victim did not have the vaccine and had other health kmply indications. a 9-year-old boy hosted his third annual toy drive in vallejo. he teamed up with firefighters and the local baseball team for the event. >> so we can give these toys to kids in need and for homeless kids, the people that unlock their stuff. >> he is just the cutest elf. the drive collect donation of canned foods as well as toys. he's gotten a lot of well deserved praise for the drive, including several letters from president obama. he plans to do this every year for the rest of his life. still ahead on "today in the bay" after a seven month investigation looking into
7:40 am
russian collusion during the presidential election, president trump's former national security adviser admits to lying to the fbi. political analyst, larry, joins us live to see what it means to the overall investigation. the sharks were looking for their third straight win on the road. we'll show you how they did in the sunshine state. sports are next.
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i'm mindi bach in the sports studio. game 3 of 4 for the sharks. danny shot was stopped. then they make good on the rebound. they take the lead early. from then on, it was bad for san jose. martin jones, then on the ricochet, tyler johnson buried it. four unanswered goals for tampa bay in the third period. first loss for the sharks on
7:43 am
that road trip. 49ers kick off at 10:00 a.m. the raiders at 1:25. they host the giantings. we'll have the highlights for you. more news after the break. general michael flynn struck a
7:44 am
7:45 am
deal by pleading guilty to one >> in a stunning development, general michael flynn struck a deal pleading guilty to one count of lying to the fbi agents working for special counsel robert mueller. this is the latest development in the seven month investigation of possible collusion between trump campaign officials and russian operatives during the 2016 campaign. what is the significance of this? larry joins us this morning. talk to us about why the bargain is so important. is it the first domino? >> dominos, dots connecting, whatever you want to say. something serious is going on here. a plea bargain occurs when prosecutors decide to reduce the charges against someone in
7:46 am
exchange for valuable information provided by that person. in this case, flynn agreed to a single count of lying to the fbi in exchange for information about others in trump's orbit who may have been working with russians to help trump's campaign against hillary clinton. now, don't be fooled, he did this to avoid other charges that could result in flynn being imprisoned for a long, long time. prosecutors typically don't sign off on plea bargains unless they really believe they are going to learn something much more important. in other words, they use flynn as a small fish, possibly leading him to large fish. >> okay. we talk about this and george papadopoulos is in this. mueller is throwing the book at paul manafort and his colleague. why such a big difference there? >> papadopoulos, flynn, both of those folks agreed to help the
7:47 am
special prosecutor. manafort and gates rejected cooperation. for now, their trials are scheduled for next may. if found guilty, they could face a dozen or more years in prison. these two types of treatment show which route they may want to take, cooperate or a high-stakes court battle. manafort and gates may reconsider a plea bargain as the trials near. the longer they hold out, the more, the more mueller is going to want in return. >> at this point, knowing what you know now, what we have seen and what's reported, do you think this investigation focuses just on the relationship between trump campaign operatives and the russians or do you think there's more? >> that's a good question. in this kind of inquiry, there's a special counsel with latitude to determine if anything illegal has happened. mueller began with examining the collusion issue. he has begun looking into
7:48 am
whether president trump may have obstruct obstructed justice by firing fbi director, james comey, to prevent investigation of general flynn. you might remember this, that obstruction of justice is one of the impeachment charges against president bill clinton. >> the president has since sent a flurry of tweets saying he never told comey to stop investigating flynn. so, that's the president's stamp on that. who do you think is coming up next, possibly, in this effort? >> here we go. there aren't that many more people who are higher on the food chain. we know this. in his confession, flynn claims he had taken orders from someone very high up in the trump campaign. whose left? those who may be considered next would be kt mcfarland, trump's naxal security adviser from the campaign. jared kushner, the president's son-in-law, or donald trump jr.
7:49 am
of course, these people worked intimately with the president during his campaign and after. >> in some cases, credited with helping donald trump win the presidency. they are very close. >> they are as close as you get. they are the inner circle of the inner circle. >> can the president do anything to stop these investigations? >> yeah. that's a great question. a lot of people are asking that. potentially, sure. potentially, yes. but at great peril to his presidency. look, the president could hire a new attorney general, sure, who would then fire mueller and thus end investigation. or, he could pardon those who plea bargained as well as others sentenced down the road. okay? that would make things very, very difficult for the president and, of course, congress has to deal with this thing, given that the obstruction of justice issue could bring on impeachment charges. look, this is serious stuff, okay? we are getting to critical points here. what happens is the president
7:50 am
calls the mueller investigation a which hunt. okay. others are beginning to believe many laws have been broken. the lingering question is, how far up the political food chain does mueller have to go to get to the truth? >> another lingering question, how much do the american people care? we have tax reform and health care. obviously, the supporter who put president trump in office. they think this is a witch hunt as well. >> they do. if you are a true believer of the trump administration, and there are many, this is surprise money, face, you name it. we are beginning to see a pattern here. papadopoulos. gates. monofort. now flynn. and flynn getting an easy sentence because he's holding back so much he's going to share with mueller. this is not a good time if you are worried about president trump, it is not a good time at all. we'll find out what happens in
7:51 am
the months and years to come. it didn't look like this investigation is going away as president trump's attorney said would happen by the end of the year. that's fantasy. >> okay. larry, thank you so much for your insight. stay with us. we will be back soon. still ahead on "today in the bay," a christmas tree trend. why upside down trees are becoming the in thing. clearing skies in san jose. 49 degrees as we look for the return of king tides, coastal flooding possible. wind advisories later. who are these people?
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the energy conscious people among us say small actions can add up to something... humongous. a little thing here. a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear. who are all these caretakers, advocates too? turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you. don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing.
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clearing skies, cool start to your sunday morning. 49 degrees and maybe still wet roadways arn roadways around san jose. 42 in dublin and more sunshine around oakland. 50 degrees. cool and breezy conditions for the raiders game taking on the giants. 50s with winds picking up 10 to 20 miles per hour. highs with mostly sunny skies staying cool. 50s around san francisco and oakland. low 50s inland. wind speeds accelerating tonight into monday. the rain, again, for the most part moved on. we are seeing those showers over the sierra where we have chain controls up along interstate 80. that's east of truckee along highway 50. should get an easier drive around lunchtime as things dry out over the high country for the afternoon and evening. the bay area, clearing skies.
7:55 am
that's a trend that takes us sunday through monday. the first item of watch with the supermoon and ast nom cal high tides. coastal areas, high tidal flooding starting today at 9:30 at ocean beach, just over seven feet. should peak monday morning at 10:19 and more tuesday after 11:00. we could see localized flooding. the wind speeds, 10:00 tonight through 10:00 a.m. tuesday. gusts could accelerate 45 miles per hour. today, daytime, it's breezy. you will notice, probably tonight, the sound of the wind picking up by 7:00 a.m. and 8:00 a.m. monday. gusts approaching 30 miles per hour. looks like the strongest wind showing up for monday afternoon into monday evening. the area in purple, close to 40-45 miles per hour gusts.
7:56 am
watching it closely. very dry conditions. high pressure strengthens. that is the cause and effect here as we get the gusty offshore winds. notice storms trying to come in from the west. blocked by the ridge, set off to the north as the seven day forecast really becomes to dry out. this trend will likely follow beyond the next seven days. here is the future cast that takes us through the 11th. the rain you see there is the rain that fell last night. so, nothing, we think, showing up for the seven day forecast and ten days. wind will be an issue the next couple days and decrease tuesday. that will bring in cooler and drier air for the morning. could have patchy frost there on wednesday and look at the daytime highs. you are going to get chilly mornings. mid to upper 60s, maybe close to 70 south of san jose. the high pressure strengthens into the week. dry weather should take us through next weekend. >> for once, i'm so happy, i washed the car yesterday.
7:57 am
it's going to stand-up for the week. >> for this time of year. >> yeah. >> okay. real quick -- >> right now, small charlie brown tree out of their reach, really. >> yeah, i can see that. a new trend getting attention, an upside down tree. it is a new thing. i think it's actually not hanging, but on a stand on the ground, right? they have been offered by stores like home depot and target. apparently, 2017 is the year of the upside down christmas tree. shopping centers and hotels are doing it. the trend is big in london. it's upside down. just the tree, itself, that inverted pyramid. >> wouldn't that tip over? >> seems like much more hazardous that way. i've become a traditionalist. i like the upright tree. check back next year. no 5:00 or 6:00 p.m. news
7:58 am
tonight. instead, sunday night football night in america. xfinity sports at 8:30 and a special edition of the news. ."
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ this sunday, flynn flips. now what? michael flynn pleads guilty to lying to the fbi, becoming robert mueller's star witness and moving the russia investigation inside the white house. president trump insists he's not worried. >> what has been shown is no collusion, no collusion. there's been absolutely no collusion. >> but he's already distancing himself from flynn. >> we'll see what happens. plus, republican senators celebrate passing their tax plan. >> well, this is a great day for the country. >> but what's in it? >> can you tell me what that word is? >> the question now, will voters congratulate republicans for a big


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